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Certification Program in

Product Design (UI/UX)

Kickstart your career growth story with our Product Design (UI/UX) Program, and learn the design-centric approach towards user interface and user experience, including UX research, UI styling, User-Centered Design process, wireframes and prototypes, usability testing, and more.
  • 14 week Bootcamp
  • Career planning sessions
  • Portfolio Buildup
  • Placement Assistance

Fees: Rs. 74400/-

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Work Experience-Based Training Approach
To Accelerate Your UI/UX Career.

Learn Online Live from Industry Experts. Master tools like Figma, Miro, Figjam.

Get Career Mentorship and Build a Standout Portfolio.

Work on Real-time projects and Gain experience like nowhere else!


1. Introduction to UX and UI Design

In this introductory unit, you’ll learn design fundamentals and gain a foundation for UI/UX best practices while exploring the various roles within the industry.

2. Introduction to AI and Its Relevance to UX

Artificial intelligence plays a crucial role in enhancing user experiences, from personalized recommendations to intuitive interfaces. In this unit, you’ll learn the fundamentals of AI in design.

3. Intro to Design Tools and Platforms

Before working on a hands-on project, you'll get comfortable with the design tools that will make up your arsenal.

4. Design Thinking

This unit will walk you through the stages of design thinking while highlighting an empathetic, hands-on, interactive approach to problem-solving.

5. Intro to UX Research

In this unit, you’ll walk through different types of user research in the design field and then learn how AI can be used for more efficient and effective user research.

6. Conducting Research

This hands-on unit will tailor your learnings about user research to your first capstone project.

7. Synthesizing Your Research

You’ll learn to synthesize your research through various methods to make your data more cohesive and then enhance persona creation and journey mapping through AI tools

8. Product Types: Problems and Solutions

Some of the best designers often don’t invent their solutions but improve on existing ones. This unit unveils the most common types of products to help you become a successful designer.

9. Design and Ideate

You are now entering the design phase where you’ll make design decisions and ideate a variety of solutions you identified. In this unit, you’ll leverage user stories to identify the needs of your product.

10. Information Architecture

Information architecture (IA) helps you map out how users will experience your product. This unit will introduce many concepts to help you organize your information around your user. You’ll also use AI to help with categorization and personalization.

11. Interaction, & Mobile Design Principles

This unit expands on the principles behind the UI practice exercises you’ve been working on up to this point in the bootcamp and also focuses on the specific application of AI for UI.

12. Sketching & Guerilla Usability Testing

Sketching is the first step to getting your ideas out of your head and into reality. With sketching, you’ll learn to use the general design rule of “test early and test often,” bringing your ideas to life through low-fidelity designs. .

13. Wireframing

Wireframes are digitized versions of your sketches and sit between sketching and high-fidelity mockups. This unit prepares you to map your product’s content while also teaching you that there is room for flexibility and innovation.


14. Design Systems and Brand Platforms

Design systems set the visual language of your product, including what fonts, colors, UI elements, and imagery will be used. This unit will help you lay out the building blocks for your product’s own visual language. You’ll also understand how your UI and UX should also align with the company’s brand platform.

15. Building a Style Guide

A style guide ensures consistency and uniformity across platforms, especially when there are many designers working on various parts of the product. In this unit, you’ll learn why and how style guides keep you honest.

16. High Fidelity Mockups

High fidelity mockups not only make your designs look pleasing to the eye, but they should aim to make your designs accessible and inclusive to your user. In this unit, you will:


17. Prototyping and Animations

Prototyping is the stage when you are closest to your final product. In this unit, you’ll identify aspects of your final product that can be improved, then learn how to use animation and interaction best practices. You’ll then explore AI tools to bring prototypes to life.

18. Usability Testing

Usability test sessions are integral to synthesizing your findings and determining if you need to redesign your prototype. You’ll also pick up how to evaluate AI-driven interfaces.

19. Collaborating with Developers

As a UI/UX designer, you’ll be in frequent communication with developers. This unit will give you the tools to navigate this special relationship, reduce friction, and learn to speak their language.


20. Presenting Your Work

Learning how to tell a compelling story about your designs can go a long way to ensure alignment across business functions.

21. Psychology Principles

What happens when psychology meets design? Understanding human motivations can help persuade users to engage with your product.

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