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Help a friend Build a Career.

Refer someone you know and earn up to Rs. 8500

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Once the referee makes the full payment, your friend gets the referral benefit as a fee waiver & you will earn your reward within 3  weeks of batch commencement.

Help a friend build a Career and earn up to Rs. 8500 per Referral.
Referral Amount

Digital Marketing Mentorship

Rs. 7500 upon Enrollment

Full-stack Digital Marketing

Rs. 3500 upon Enrollment

Full-stack Cloud Computing

Rs. 8500 upon Enrollment

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What are the upcoming start dates for courses?

Please reach out to our admissions team at [email protected], to find the latest start dates.

Do I need to be a Bitpandit student to refer my friends?

No, anyone can be a part of Bitpandit's referral program.

Who is considered an 'Enrolled' Student?

Students who have paid for a Bitpandit course are “Enrolled” students.

How can I refer my friends/connections?

Sign up for free on Bitpandit.com. Visit your dashboard at bitpandit.com/s/affiliatelinks and create your own affiliate links. Contact our support team at [email protected] to learn about the latest Promo Codes. Share the links and affiliate codes with your friends. Viola! 

When can you expect to receive a Referral Amount?

Once your referral enrolls in one of our Programs, our team will reach out to you asking for your bank details by filling a form through [email protected].

Once the form is filled out by you, we take 7-10 working days to process the amount.

I have still not received my referral amount, what should i do?

Possible Reasons:
1. The batch hasn't started yet
2. The student hasn't paid the full amount yet

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